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( Rick Beneteau )

With a master in information science, Rick has demonstrated experience e-zine marketing, email marketing and social marketing, and he has written hundreds of e-books and articles on E-zine Marketing.

If you don’t have much money to spend promoting your business or if you’re sick and tired of wasting time and money on gimmicks that don’t work (like bulk email, free-for-all link sites, classified ads and so forth), then this will be the most important letter you read this year

Dear Internet Friend,

In this letter, you’re going to find out how I make a fortune with free ezine advertising and you can too!

If you aren’t familiar with ezines, they are newsletters sent to you via email. There are over 90,000 of them.

But I’m NOT talking about writing your own ezine. No way. I’m talking about a very clever twist on using them that works insanely! It’s very simple. No rocket science here. 

Using my system you can:

  •   Generate a huge flood of traffic within 24-72 hours.
  •   Start almost right away. Virtually no learning curve — begin using my system within only a few hours of receiving it.
  •   Promote your business on-line with almost ZERO cost over and over again, anytime you want.
  •   Get at least 10 times better results than placing ads in ezines without spending a dime.
  •   Attain celebrity status that makes people want to meet and do business with you.
  •   Gain all the credibility for your product you could possibly want.  Website Design West Palm Beach

Let me show you how simple my system really is:

Step One: 

You spend 3 hours to write a brief promotional piece using my proprietary formula that I developed. 

It’s very simple. I’m convinced almost anyone with the common ability to write a simple letter can also follow my step-by-step, what-to-do and how-to-do-it formula.

Step Two:

You open your email program and zip out the promotional piece to your ezine list (I show you how to quickly build a valuable contact list ).

Step Three: 

You watch the hit counter on your web site start spinning like a roulette wheel!

I’m dead serious! Every time I follow this procedure, my traffic goes bonkers. And so do my sales!

Now, if you read ezines at all, you’ve no doubt read about me.  But if you haven’t, let me tell you why you should believe what I say.

First though, let me tell you that there are crowds of self-appointed marketing “gurus” on the net. Truth is, most are staring at their computer screens praying another sale shows up sometime soon.

If you have the common ability to at least write a simple letter, here’s what I will also reveal to you:

  •  How to Successfully Promote Any Product or Service using FREE EZINE ADVERTISING.
  •  How Your Product or Service can be Seen by MILLIONS of People you would otherwise NEVER come into contact with.
  •  How to make The Ezine Marketing Machine the Most Profitable Promotion you have ever done for Your Business.
  •  How I made over $5,000.00 (net) my last time using The Ezine Marketing Machine with only a few hours of hands-on “work”.
  •  How The Ezine Marketing Machine will dramatically Raise Your Internet Profile and launch you from Obscurity to Omnipresence almost Instantly.

This last “secret” is well worth my modest asking price for The Ezine Marketing Machine but my mission and my goal is to help you sell more. Lots more!

Rick Beneteau is a total genius when it comes to promoting through ezines. The first time I used Rick’s method, my traffic counter on my site practically broke! I’ve told Rick he should sell his secrets for 10 times what he is now. I’d personally have paid $1000 and been happy. Remember, it isn’t quantity of information. It’s results.

Marlon Sanders
Author: Discover the Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy

Rick, I just read your course on Newsletter Marketing and I’m stunned! You’re one of the
few I’ve met that really understand the potential of this technique. I really hope none of my competitors learn your secret! How much can I pay you to take this off the market?

Mark Joyner
CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation 

I’ve been marketing online for several years now, and I’ve tried just about everything — and the bottom line is that EMM is right on the money. We have had incredible success using the exact tactics that you so eloquently describe in EMM — I just wish I had found EMM years ago because it would have saved us a whole lot of time and needless frustration. Anyone can generate thousands of dollars worth of free advertising by following your step-by-step guide. Keep up the great work, and be sure to let me know of any other products you’re working on. If they are anything like EMM, count me in!

Jess O’Leary
Founder: Linkomatic
Founder: Internet Marketing Chronicles/Internet Marketing Challenge  

Rick Beneteau, who has been marketing full-time on the Internet for two years, has become a master at getting oodles of free publicity for his business by writing articles for newsletters. Rick’s book tells you exactly what you need to do to get your articles accepted by newsletter publishers.

Allan Gardyne
Founder: AssociatePrograms.com
AssociatePrograms.com Newsletter# 73

WARNING: If you are the kind of person who equates the price you paid for an informational product to the volume of text you receive, you might as well click on to someone else’s product. See, The Ezine Marketing Machine is VERY focused and to the point. You learn everything I stated above in clear, uncluttered fashion complete with plenty of examples without volumes of useless,

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