Awesome!  Rick’s EMM is superb advice… And an easy read! As an author and editor of three e-zines (one with over 60,000 subscribers), I can not only attest to the fact that his no-nonsense approach is true let alone essential, but it can also help almost anyone with a keyboard-in-hand a genuine desire to succeed to really make it on the Internet. I highly, highly recommend it!

Rick teaches what I’ve learned the hard way. Today, as an author and entrepreneur, I personally enjoy the success Rick professes. But what took me 6 long years to learn, EMM encapsulates it in less than an hour! I wish I knew this stuff back then… Bravo!

Michel Fortin, Ph.D.

Publisher: The Internet Marketing Chronicles


I have been reading Rick Beneteau’s articles since he started, and even published some of them in my own newsletter. He always has some new insight into the world of online

marketing. His articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Now he comes out with a new e-book ($29.95) designed to help you duplicate this huge success.

Basically he shows you how to write articles for newsletters so they will be picked up by the editors. Being an editor myself, I can very much agree with many of his tips – I receive

dozens of article submissions each week, most of which I never even take a second glance at. He shows you how you can overcome this inattention on the part of editors.

He also offers some good basic tips on what your article should include, how to write to keep your readers’ attention, how to format and promote your article, and more.

If you want to specialize in writing articles for newsletters, or even just spend a considerable amount of time doing so, this course is recommended reading. You will quickly learn the basics.

Joshua Reimer

The Promotion World Informer

as reviewed in Associates Program Newsletter, June 5/99 #53


Rick, I’ve just finished reading “The Ezine Marketing Machine”. Here’s something odd–I read the entire thing in one sitting. So many of the Internet marketing products I own are filled with a lot of words and little useful information. Not this product. I found it clear, entertaining, and extremely informative. What’s best is that it contains clear directions as to what I can do RIGHT NOW to make money money on the internet. Thanks!

Dr. Bill Nieporte


You hit it directly on the head! Especially as an ezine publisher myself, I’m always looking for GOOD content, info that relates to everyone and not just sells their business in the articles. Most times those articles just get the delete key after I’ve reviewed them. However, when the article is informative, I strive to include them.

Your EMM gives people the information they need to PROPERLY (and I STRESS THAT) write and submit articles to ezines, especially if they are new at it. And, this is definitely a resource needed for those who are ALREADY submitting articles as well! I’m sure it will help many of them “tweak” their articles to gain added exposure.

Just wanted to say thanks for putting out a product that I can really use for a change, which you don’t find that much out on the Internet these days! Your Ezine Marketing Machine was very informative and enlightening, and I will definitely be putting to use what I have learned in your book. I will be recommending this book to all my friends and colleagues!

Kathy Williams

Editor/Publisher BusyMom Ezine